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How Helbiz Visualizes a decentralized transportation with Blockchain Technology help?

How Helbiz Visualizes a decentralized transportation with Blockchain Technology help?

Costing is a key factor, anyone, be it individual or business or government. Everyone wants to have control over costs. However, that should not be at the cost of foregoing everything or part of it. Transport mobility is an area that everyone uses, be it individual or corporate. Therefore, it plays a critical role in everyone’s lives. However, the key point here is that how to meet transport mobility without having to own anything, say, for example, a car. Helbiz is trying to address the issue being faced by people around the world.

Ownership Not A Good Deal

There is growing evidence that ownership of car could no longer be a good idea. That is primarily due to increasing ownership costs. Also, the world is becoming more urbanized forcing them not to opt for owning a car. The situation is also reaching a stage where no one needs to worry about issues like fuel costs or maintenance, insurance and parking.  It is also evident that the economy is moving towards sharing. This could be attributed to the growth of digitalization of economy though it challenges the status quo too.

The business model helps owners to share his or her resources when it is not in use. For instance, a car or bicycle or any other mobility option could be made use for realizing a marginal profit. This is what Helbiz, a startup firm, has visualized the decentralized transportation around the world. This could be through on-demand and peer-to-peer marketplace.

The startup firm is looking to serve as the nexus between those having access to motor vehicles and those who are seeking short-term mobility rental. This included bike or motorcycle or a private vehicle or even an airplane. The company is trying to champion the concept that this mobility options could be a money-making asset for owners. Alternatively, the company is keen to monetize the mobility assets since they sit idle often most of the time. The firm is confident that this could appeal to the latest generation of possible users. That is because they have a mindset of paying rent when used and remain car-free.

The startup firm wants to encourage mass adoption by executing a sophisticated application that could be available on smart devices. This would allow users to start a car digitally and unlock without any requirement for correspondence or paperwork. In short, mobile devices of the user will be the car and ignition key.

Providing a Means

Helbiz founder and CEO, Salvatore Palella, commented, “Our solution will provide a means for car owners seeking to rent out their personal vehicles on an hourly or daily basis, all through our mobile and web application, without the need for any interaction, pre-bookings or key exchanges.” The founder indicated that an app would take control of the car locks. This will allow owners to monetize more efficiently when the car is parked at home or work.

Another key factor is that an owner could fix in several rentals charge during a day. Similarly, car owners could get back their cars when they need it. The CEO believes that this is necessary for sharing economy to be a true mainstream.

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