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Crypto Community is Falling Apart

Crypto Community is Falling Apart

Crypto Community Is Falling Apart

The only thing prevalent between different crypto entities is their mutual dislike for each other. Crypto community involves players from major companies to single crypto miners and most of the time they do not work on positive terms. Till now the internal friction has done more harm to the industry than boosting healthy competition.

If anybody has been following crypto space for a short while they know that rival coins never appreciate one another. Dogecoin supporters squabble with Ripple advocates, Bitcoin cash and bitcoin are always mingling in stiff competition- it has become the daily routine of the most popular cyber coins and their fans. The investors should understand that even after entities in the crypto space are competitors yet they are on the same side. Governments and regulatory authorities around the world are trying to tame, even eliminate, digital currencies. If crypto supporters do not work as a single unit, they will be left with nothing but regret.

Last week, Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, talked about the constant attacks from Ripple supporters over the data released by his site, on XRP.  It is evident that these attacks are not isolated as Ripple is not the only entity that has been a charge of such allegations.

Palmer recently wrote on his twitter handle, “I’m considering shutting down  because I don’t have the energy to deal with the ridiculous Ripple/XRP people in my mentions. What a toxic dumpster fire of a community.”

However, it should be noted that crypto space would become boring if people would accept each and every opinion without any resistance. As bitcoin users are highly passionate about their likings, they are bound to go on collisions with other people, but the same can damage the identity of every newcomer in the industry.

Kent Barton, Founder of Ethereum Denver & Co-Organizer of the ETHDenver Hackathon, wrote in ‘Divided We Fail: The Irrational Insanity of Crypto Tribalism’, “We’re all part of the same technological revolution. Yet here we are, wasting precious time and energy attacking ourselves…tribal thinking will do nothing to make the world a better and freer place. Its only beneficiaries are the centralized entities we seek to disintermediate.” He added that the most charming thing about digital currencies is that nobody can control your actions.

He stressed that a wallet owner has the freedom to control keys, coins and the conversations one has with potential traders. Investors are not subject to regulations which boost growth and expand possibilities. But, if users are constantly running into contradictions with an aim to disgrace fellow coiner, then they should realize the reason they first came into the crypto space for.

Digital currencies have a long road to success as traditional authorities and media constantly bash it, an uncomfortable environment within the community will provide opportunities to haters.  Crypto supporters should rest their differences and aim at the mass adoption of the technology, or they would have nothing to fight for. It’s a classic case of doing right for the greater good. It will be interesting to watch if the crypto enthusiasts pay heed and stop dividing themselves into groups.

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