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Bitcoin Continues to Expand in New Industries

Bitcoin Continues to Expand in New Industries

Bitcoin Continues To Expand In New Industries

Amidst uncertainties prevailing in the crypto space, bitcoin has been able to drive through more markets across the globe. The popularity of the cyber coin has forced four more merchants to accept it in the form of payments, i.e., parking lots, online courses in Japan, a boutique in Spain and a supply store.

Last week, Realty Co. Ltd, owner of the parking lot sharing serving called QRpark, has started accepting bitcoin against its services. The company stated that its service would convert the first monthly parking lot of the industry to a temporary parking lot. The clients would have to use the QRpark application in order to select parking time and pay fees in advance. With less capital needed to set up a QRpark based parking lot, the prices will also be cheaper in comparison to traditional coin parking.

The company believes that around 10,000 renters in 4,000 locations would be using the app which will also curb down the vacancy rate of monthly parking lots.

The team stated, “We decided to introduce a bitcoin payment service, expecting to increase the convenience for customers by increasing the means of payment and [it will] lead to the acquisition of new customers.”

Yawata Electrical Materials Purchasing Center, a store of Fujiden Corporation, has now started accepting bitcoins. Bitflyer will be assisting the electronics company to receive payments in bitcoin. The company manages 11 stores in Japan with Kyoto and Osaka topping the list.

The company stated, “Cash settlement is the mainstream for electrical wires, electrical construction materials, electrical tools, etc. used at construction sites, such as [for] electrical work and air conditioning construction. We intend to pursue further convenience by introducing bitcoin payments.”

Similarly, Kiramex has also started accepting bitcoin payments for providing its courses at its online school named Techacadmey. The users will be using BTC to pay for their subscriptions through Bitflyer’s Bitwise Shop. The educational company has also started providing classes to understand the blockchain technology since February 2018. The bitcoin payment system comes as an addition to company’s effort to satisfy users of the new age.

Lastly, El Tiburon, a boutique hotel situated at the beach of La Carihuela, Spain has announced that it is proud to become the first hotel that accepts bitcoin as payment in Andalusia. As of now, it will be accepting four digital currencies, bitcoin, bitcoin cash litecoin and ethereum. The hotel is using Coinbase Commerce to induce digital currencies in its framework.

The hotel stated that it is focused on providing the latest digital trends to its customers through the wise use of technology. They believe that bitcoin’s popularity among other altcoins is a hint of a changing environment and its customers should have the comfort of paying in digital currencies.

Use of digital currencies is becoming more popular even after most governments are employing new regulation on the crypto space. If virtual currencies are the dominant force in the future, then we are likely to see more businesses accept them sooner or later.

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